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Fixed Wiring or

Periodic Testing


Fixed Wire or Periodic Testing

Fixed Wire Testing, which is also referred to as Fixed Installation Testing, is the examination and testing of the circuits contained within the fabric of a clients building. This includes the socket outlets, lighting circuits and various other circuits.

Does My Company Need Fixed Wire Testing?

In a word; Yes. The two main dangers associated with electricity are the risk of shock and the possibility of fire. Over a period of time those risks are increased because installations deteriorate and it is in the best interests of not only yourself and your employees, but also your insurance company, that you have an installation that is not only electrically sound but also free from the risk of fire.

How Often Should Fixed Installation Testing Take Place?

As with Pat Testing the time period between tests very much depends on the workplace environment and use of the installation.

Some areas, such as cinemas, are recommended to be tested annually whereas an office space, which is considered low risk, may only need to be tested every five years.

As a guide some sample Fixed Wire Testing periods are shown in the table below

Installation Type


Max Period Between Fixed Installation Testing



5 Years

Educational Establishments


5 Years



5 Years

Industrial Premises


3 Years

Hotels & Restaurants


1 Year



10 Years

How Is Fixed Wire Testing Priced?

At Warwick Pat Testing, we base our Fixed Installation Testing costs on a per circuit basis, this ensures that unlike various other methods a client will only pay for the circuits we find. This ensures our clients benefit from some of the UK’s most competitive prices in the market today.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost very much depends on the installation. If everything has been well maintained you receive a lower, and ,more cost effective, price than if no maintenance has been carried out for a number of years.

What Kind of Tests Are Carried Out?

Fixed Wire Testing as carried out by Warwick Pat Testing, is very involved but basically we check that all fuses and cables are the correct size. We check that the installation meets all the requirements of BS7671 and that, in the event of a potential fault, all circuit protective conductors and / or devices will perform correctly to ensure the safety of any persons within the installation.

Your Warwick Pat Testing, engineer will perform a 100% electrical check of all circuits including:

  • Supply characteristics and earthing arrangements
  • Particulars of installation at origin
  • External earth loop impedance
  • Continuity of protective conductors
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
  • Insulation resistance between live conductors
  • Insulation resistance between live conductors and earth
  • Protection by separation of circuits
  • Polarity
  • Earth fault loop impedance
  • Operation of residual current devices
  • Functional testing of assemblies
  • Full testing of all static appliances
  • Full drawing schematics for all circuits

Is There Any Disruption To The Workplace During Fixed Installation Testing?

There is rather more disruption during Fixed Wire Testing. This is because certain circuits will need isolating during the course of the testing. But, by combining our highly trained staff with some of the very best instruments available we keep any downtime to an absolute minimum.

But, for the convenience of our clients, if the isolation of circuits poses too big a problem for a client we can arrange for the testing to be done out of hours.

What Happens After The Testing Is Finished?

When all the testing is completed you will receive a full report on the condition of your installation including a full list of all the circuits tested together with notice of any remedial action required (including photographic evidence) and all associated costs of those remedial actions.

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